What is Search Engine Optimization?

27 Jun

www.myseomagic.comI started my first web page in the late 1990’s. I used free hosting sites and their built in web designers. This suited my purpose at the time. Later I learned that there were tricks you could do to make searching for your site come up closer to the top. This was back in the day when hotbot was the search engine of many people. Of course there was yahoo and a few others like alta vista and of course AOL.

Now the big kahuna is Google. Oh sure, yahoo, bing and a few other very minor players exist; but the real search engine of choice is Google. So, to make sure you optimize your website for search engine results, you need to understand what “Search Engine Optimization”, or SEO, means and how to utilize the processes and strategies.

You can learn about the best SEO practices by looking at some of the top SEO places. Of course they want to sell their service, but they also can give you some very good tips and pointers.

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