May 2013 From The President’s Desk

11 Jan

From Derrel’s Desk

This is what it looks like to be president.

May 8, 2013

You might want a little biography. Here goes. I was born in Methodist Hospital in Dallas. The youngest child of John and Dorothy, I was the only one their four children to be born in such a sterile environment. My mother and father were devout Pentecostal adherents,  and that might give you some clue as to a little of my unconventional behavior. I was raised to “shun that which was evil, and cling to the good.” It is a good sentiment, but one must be wary of who is the judge of good and evil.

I always enjoyed magic, but I wasn’t allowed to practice it. Yes, it was ‘evil’. I remember being 8 or 9 years old and at the State Fair of Texas. How I got to wonder off alone, I don’t remember, but I made my way to the old channel 8 remote truck where they had their TV magic star, Mark Wilson, and Dani. Wow, that was so much fun.

WFAA Bus 015

I started doing magic in the 80’s. I had a computer business and one of my workers was an amateur magician. He would do magic when he took mission trips to Belize. I was also working as a youth pastor at the time. One day, he just gave me all of his magic stuff. I did a few tricks for my youth group and discovered I could get their attention much quicker. This started me on my road to getting more involved in magic. Eventually, I was introduced to Mark Roberts at Magicland, and he introduced me to the Dallas Magic Clubs. My first paid gig was from a lead given to me by Chuck Lehr, $675! I was on the transportation detail for TAOM 2000. 2000 was also the same year I began working for FedEx.

Now it’s 2013, and the mantel of club president has been foisted upon me. Here is what I hope to do the next 12 months:

  • Promote good magic by education and promoting performance opportunities.
  • Make TAOM 2013 one of the best conventions of the year.
  • Become a better person for the benefit of those around me.
  • Help others become magical evangelists.

Will you help me? I absolutely DO NOT have all of the answers, but I would love for us to find the answers, and I believe we can with your help.

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