Keyless Entry Locks For Schools

29 Jun

Keyless Entry Locks Ensure Safety in Schools



If you are looking for security for a school or office building, you can begin with keyless entry locks. You do not need an entire security staff in order to implement a program for more secure classrooms or offices if you install keyless entry locks on classroom doors that require security codes for entry. While normal classes are in session, these locks can be in free entry mode so as not to inconvenience regular students, but after hours or in the event of a threat, these locks can require proper pass codes for entry. In the event of a threat, at the first sign of trouble, occupants of an office or a classroom can touch one button on the keyless entry locks that will not only lock the door, but also it will block all basic user pass codes, allowing only master, supervisor and manager codes to activate the locks.

High Security Keyless Entry Locks Make Schools Safer

A principal’s job is to keep his students safe. Unfortunately, things happen every day in schools. Making sure that strangers do not enter the building can be a tough thing, especially if the school has more than one door. Using high security keyless entry locks can prevent unwanted visitors in the school. These locks are easily installed and can be installed on any kind of door. Use the high security locks and only give the teachers and students that have access to those doors the code. If someone else gets it, then you can easily change it at any time. The locks can also allow key override if it is necessary. There are five architectural models that you can purchase as well as 17 different systems that you can choose from.

About Keyless Entry Locks

Keyless entry locks are a great way to provide secure entry to any internal or external door. Keyless entry locks are made using high-quality durable materials that are long lasting. The locks come in a variety of styles, sizes and designs to give you exactly what you need. The locks work by using a programmed PIN code. Those who have the PIN code simply punch in the correct sequence of numbers on the keypad and the tumbler opens. Locks come with or without handles and can be ordered for either left or right opening doors. The locks are perfect for many different solutions. For example they are great when used on the front door of the home. The family doesn’t need to carry any keys – they just need to press in the code and open the door. They are also great for use on office area doors to restrict access of certain rooms.

Benefits of Keyless Entry Locks

Keyless entry locks are a great entry solution for home and business. Keyless entry locks allow you to enter a PIN code to open the lock and gain entry. The locks come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit every type of situation. At work they make access to restricted areas easy for those who have the code. No more fumbling with a key or card. You can also get a printable audit trail and can schedule certain times for automatic lock and unlock. At home keyless entry locks are nifty. You and your children won’t need to worry about losing the key. Simply enter in the PIN code to open the door. Locks are made of sturdy vandal-proof metal for years of use. Weatherproof models are available for outdoor use. They come with or without handles and are available in 5 different finishes to complement any decor.

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