Forever Green Irrigation

27 Jun

irrigationYard Irrigation

I’ve lived in my house now almost 3 years. In that time, the sprinkler system has had one watering zone that never worked. The valves were easily accessible, and I was somewhat able to determine the problem, but I just never took the time to really learn irrigation systems. Finally, after last year’s drought and the havoc it brought to my yard (amazingly one area was VERY dry,) I decided not to do that again this summer. So, while I was doing some reviews, I decided to search for a sprinkler repair company. I found Forever Green Irrigation on I spoke with Ira, the owner, and he made arrangements to come to my house and see what the problem was. He arrived promptly and got to work. A quick review of my system revealed that it was probably not professionally installed, or the professional who installed it was very inexperienced. Regardless, Ira had that bad zone 3 working in 10 minutes with a valve rebuild. Zone 2 had died just a few days before, and it was one of the valves you can get at Lowes, so Ira wasn’t a fan. He had to go to his supplier to get a replacement, and after about 30 minutes, he was back and on the job again. Fifteen minutes later, I’m watering like Niagra Falls.

Irrigation system fixed

So this year, hopefully we don’t have a summer that is as brutal as last year. And since we are still on water restrictions, I get to water on Tuesdays and Saturdays. My first Tuesday watering was very successful. I could just hear those blades of grass shouting “Thank you! Thank you, kind, loving home owner!” My I do have a vivid imagination.

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