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25 May

It was by sheer accident that I googled myself last year. I used a fairly common search phrase to find a birthday party magician in Dallas. In the past I had been on the first 3 pages, and I always felt that was good enough.

So here I was looking at the google page for my search, and there were about 3 or more pages for one particular magician, and one that I didn’t know. Seems he had lots of listings on the first page, and I had none. No sweat, I thought to myself. On to page two. Still no MrGoodfriend, and still a few more of the mysterymagicman. Hmmm… on to page 3. Wash, rinse, repeat. No MrGoodfriend, yes mysterymagicman. At this point I’m a little miffed. Page 4, 5, 6…  Okay, now I’m getting past miffed and on to p!ssed. Pages 7 through 12 offer no relief to my growing anxiety. Finally, page 13. There’s MrGoodfriend’s page

I knew what the problem was. I had set up my web site years ago. Done some minor tweaking here and there. I was sure it was “optimized”. I had key words and such all over the page. I had nice images and content. In other words, I had done some on-page optimization, but very little off-page stuff.

I looked at mystermagicman’s stuff, and started ‘following’ what he was doing. I ramped up my efforts on the off-page optimization. I also revisited my on-page optimization, and started using some webmaster tools to see what problems my site might pose for search engines. I found my site had some slow loading pages. I did some cascading style sheet fixes (.css) and voila! I cut the page load time in half! Plus I learned a lot about cascading style sheets.

Next I did the social marketing things. I tweeted, facebooked, tumbled, pinned, and stumbled. I also encouraged my clients to do some reviews. Six weeks later, I’m on the first page of google for the same search.

So with this lesson in hand, I have partnered with a family member who owns eKrum Online Marketing Service, and we have developed a program for niche marketing online. Let me know if you ever want to go from page 13 to page 1 in six weeks. I think I can help you out.

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