Just Doing What I Can

22 Nov

I have a job. I am employed. I enjoy my job. I get a lot of satisfaction from my job. I am fairly compensated. I don’t have any serious complaints about my job.

MrGoodfriend - birthday party magician in Allen, TX

Kids always have fun when MrGoodfriend entertains at the birthday party

I also have an avocation; a hobby if you will. I am a professional at it, and I do charge when I am so engaged. I am a magician. I peform. I get paid. I enjoy it. And yet, I sometimes wonder if when I am doing the engagement am I taking from the full-time magician? To be honest, there are not a LOT of full-time magicians. And many of them would not take the small party fees as clients. But when I am doing a well-paid gig, I sometimes am concerned about why I got it, and not them.

And then it hit me.

I just might be a wee bit better at marketing. Maybe my networking skill… maybe they didn’t return the phone call. Whatever the case, the client found me, not them. I didn’t steal them away.

With that being said, I got a small taste of someone playing in my ‘backyard’ recently and it got me to look at what I was doing. I discovered I wasn’t online, internet marketing like I should, could and knew to do. So, I changed. I improved my website, made some educated changes in social media, and my online marketing has improved the overall position of me! And in this little foray into ‘wake up and smell the internet’, I was able to discover that this skill is something to be shared with others who find themselves in the undesirable position of being missed online.

For the next several weeks, I and some associates will be developing an online marketing strategy aimed primarily at magicians and the performing artists. I invite you to follow-up with me, sign up to follow me and I will keep you informed of the particular details of when this information will be available for public consumption. Until then, keep the magic in you!

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